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Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, Camden Town

Writing a blog and be consistent about it is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are like me, a person who is easily discouraged. I always thought i like writing, but when i realised my blog posts only attracted a few viewers, i just stopped posting a new content. Today, after 3 years since my last post, i decided to write again. 

I think it is important to keep reminding yourself that when you do something enjoyable, it is not only to get followers, compliments, or positive comments, but also for the self satisfaction of doing what you love. 

Anyway, today on a sunny afternoon, i went to visit a recently opened ice cream shop (just opened for a month) named Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream. They are located in just about 6 minutes walk from Camden Town tube station. It is a Filipino street inspired ice cream parlour, selling some unique flavours of ice creams based on the famous seasonal fruits from Philippine.

Hey there, missy!

Super cute, minimalist interior with a colourful tone

Those cute little pots hanging on the top! How adorable!

Since i am sucker for a small cafe with a cute interior, i totally fell in love with this place. It definitely looks girly and cozy inside and out. I would highly recommend this place for those who like to take pretty pictures. Just imagine how cute-badassy you would look with those palm wallpaper on the background 👀

Halo Halo £6
Halo Halo is translated into 'mix mix' in Philippines. It combines the traditional Filipino dessert with a twist of Western. Just look at how pretty and how nicely it blends into the interior of the cafe! Basically, halo halo is a shaved ice mixed with some syrup, jellies, coconuts, bananas, condensed milk, and topped with an ube ice cream, crumbled oreos, cornflakes and a small cute little waffle. All goodness in a cup 💕 This dessert reminds me a lot of 'es campur', a famous shaved ice dessert back home.

I would say it is a bit sweet for my taste (probably due to the highly concentrated syrup), but at the same time, I found it very refreshing, especially during summer time with all those shaved ice. The ube ice cream is the bomb and interestingly, I am pretty sure the waffle was homemade because it was not like some crunchy waffle you found in a supermarket or mainstream ice cream place. The waffle was soft and warm, with a slight hint of sweetness.

The most I can emphasise about Mamasons is the fact that it is quite different from other regular ice cream parlour. For instance, although they only sell 6 flavours of ice cream, all of them are unique and cannot be found easily around London. One of the most famous flavour is, of course, the ube to die for (FYI, ube is a purple yam. It is not the same as taro, although the taste are quite similar). Next, they have guyabano, milo, black buko, matcha, and calamanji. Are you even familiar with some of the fruits that i just mentioned? I was so curious, I googled it seconds after first read it lol.

I tasted all the samples of the ice cream and they are all really, really good. I will surely come again and probably try their 'bilog', a homemade baked milk bun filled with an ice cream of your choice. 

Address: 91 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8NY
Nearest tube: Camden Town 
Phone: +447787147605
Opening hour: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Price: ££


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